Off to Arizona
February 2nd, 2001
Oakland, CA => Phoenix, AZ
All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel
Randy on Plane
Arizona from the Plane
The Hotel Room

Tracey Shell invited me to a Sony event at an Arizona resort Monday, so Randy and I decided to make a weekend of it (we are always looking for good excuses to take a weekend road trip!).

We were a bit apprehensive flying America West since the last time when we flew America West to Florida, they had all sorts of scheduling problems and flights were delayed 2 to 3 hours. Much to our surprise, the flight took off on time. The 2-hour plane ride passed quickly while I worked on re-organizing my web pages.

We picked up the Jeep Cherokee from Avis and made our way to our hotel. I had found the Townplace Suites through the Marriott Rewards web site. It was quite a value! Our room was a "studio" with a full kitchen. We promptly redecorated the room with our traveling pack of decorations. The top of the TV soon found itself covered with a squeeze cow, several fish, and a penguin and the walls covered with festive tapestries. Randy hooked up the travel speakers for some tunes.

Since it was already so late, dinner was a trip to the grocery store where we also picked up supplies for the weekend and breakfast stuff. 


The Kitchen
Decorated to Our Style
Randy with a 5
A Home Away from Home
Randy Plans the Weekend
Going Through the Travel Magazines