Sushi at Shimo
February 7th, 2001
@ San Francisco, CA
All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel

Randy's friend Theo was out here for a SUN Analyst conference, so we hooked up for dinner at Shimo in San Francisco at the suggestion of Carl Kunsdorff, who joined us for dinner.

We know Carl through our ex-housemate, Larry. Carl's favorite pastime is going on tour with Santana. He's good friends with Carlos. Theo knew Carl through the's a small world when it comes to music enthusiasts.

Carl had suggested Shimo since he knew it was open until midnight, and we weren't sure what time we'd be getting up to San Francisco. I had to help resurrect a system in the Newsome Lab at Stanford after work, but it turned out to be a quick job, and we made it up to the city by 9 pm. 

The sushi was good, although not spectacular (Yoshi's in Oakland still surpasses all in yummy sushi). The presentation was lovely though. As the night progressed, the chefs behind the sushi bar got louder and louder while the sake made its way through their bloodstreams...sometimes its a bad thing for the chef to have access to the sake jug!

Carl & Theo
Ting & Randy