Randy at Work
February 9th, 2001
@ Stanford University, Stanford, CA
All Photos © 2001 Randy Vogel
Plants at Randy's Desk

Randy here. I forgot to give Ting her camera, so I get to document my day for a change!

I like to have lots of plants around, but there isn't much space in the lab, except the solar radiation zone on the windowsill. Almost svery afternoon the sun comes blasting through, so all of the plants there are tough sun-lovers. How strong is the sun, you ask? Well, it hasn't melted any of the rubber animals on top of my monitor, but nearly all of them show discoloration and heat-stress cracks if you look at them up close. The orchid sits down on my desk, slightly shaded by the wall under the window.

Phyllis Knudsen is the Lab Manager. She works half-time in the mornings, so I usually only see her for an hour or so...enough to say hello! Weimin and Yoram are post docs, while Austin is a grad student on rotation. Deanne handles our contract paperwork. Rajen is an undergrad working on a neurophysiology modeling project with Eric. Right now, Brie is the only doctoral student in the lab. Eric Knudsen is the boss! Rather than letting me take a candid picture of him working with the rig behind him, Eric sat and took a pose of professorial relaxation.

The main entrance to the building has these tiny warning signs. Every now and then security will walk through and check people for badges or ID...I suppose the signs are fair warning that they might toss you out if you aren't carrying proper papers. I'm slack about it...haven't been kicked out yet! But I've been locked out a few times for going on errands and forgetting to bring my card key to get back in after 6 pm.

Menagerie on top of Randy's Computer
Weimin, Austin, and Yoram
Research Facility