Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-Acoustic Band
February 10th, 2001
@ Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford, CA
All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel
Anthony Davis & Joan Jeanrenaud
Terry Riley

The Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-Acoustic Band combines acoustic and electronic instruments in an attempt to produce a modern sort of classical music. If you want to know more about them, check out their site at

During the first set, we sat next to Joan Jeanrenaud's mom. We were very surprised when Joan came out at the intermission to visit with mom. And we were even more surprised to find that mom had a very pronounced Texas accent! I suppose that in America, a surname doesn't necessarily reflect one's background!

The most exciting part of the show was Terry Riley's new concerto, Banana Humberto 2000. Featuring Terry at the piano, and guest violinist Tracy Silverman (from the Turtle Island String Quartet) replacing Karen Bentley, this work featured lots of interesting interplay between the musicians, especially during the driving third movement (subtitled Goodbye Goodtimes Blues for Millenium's Child).

Randy and I were dying of hunger by the end of the show, so instead of sticking around for the post-concert discussion, we headed into Palo Alto for a languid, multi-course feast at Il Fornaio, starting with an appetizer of Fried Calamari. After that, we were too absorbed in the food to think about taking pictures of them!

Paul Dresher Electro- ...
... Acoustic Band
Final Bow
Fried Calamari at Il Fornaio