Persian Masters @ Dinkelspiel Auditorium,
Stanford, CA
Orion String Quartet @ Le Petit Trianon,
San Jose, CA
February 11th, 2001

All Photos © 2001 Ting and Randy Vogel
The Persian Masters
Bowing to the Applause

This Sunday was another full day of music. After the usual lazy morning, we zoomed down to Stanford to see the 'Great Masters  of Persian Classical Music' in Dinkelspiel Auditorium with TC and Kaoru. This 'supergroup' consisted of: Hossein Alizadeh: tar and backing vocals; Kayhan Kalthor: kamancheh and backing vocals; Mohammed Reza Shajarian, lead vocals; Homayoun Shajarian: tombak and vocals. Persian classical music has a little bit in common with the music of other nearby arab countries or Indian classical music, but for the most part it is distinctly different. Very much music to sweep you up and take you outside of your everyday cares. The performance was divided into a 40 minute tune for the first set, an 80 minute tune for the second set, and then a quick 7 minute encore to close the show.

Since the show lasted longer than we'd expected, Ting and Kaoru went home (separately) afterwards, while TC and I drove down to San Jose for a quick dinner at a Salvadoran restaurant and an all-Beethoven program by the Orion String Quartet, performing in the Concert Hall at Le Petit Trianon. Our seats were darn near perfect -- in the center of the third row -- my only complaint being the giant who sat in front of me and blocked my view of the first can see his head on the left side of the two thumbnail views.

After the show, TC dropped me off at a bus stop on First Street, thus the last shot, where I waited about an hour in the rain for a bus to come and take me to BART...bad planning on my part, but no big deal, only time-consuming.

Orion String Quartet
Strike Up the Band
Le Petit Trianon
Bus Stop in the Rain