February 16th, 2001
@ 21st Amendment
San Francisco, CA

All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel
TC & Kaoru
Randy & Ting
We met TC and Kaoru at the 21st Amendment in San Francisco for dinner before the second Phil show. TC picked the pub because he knows the bartender. Of course, that is not too surprising! TC knows the bartender is the most important person in a pub to befriend. TC is a beer connoisseur. At the very least, he is an overt beer lover. I believe one of his goals in life is to try as many different types of beers and visit as many pubs as he can before he dies. Once when a group of us were walking around Portland in search of the famed 24-Hour Church of Elvis, we lost TC. He turned up later claiming that he spotted a pub across the road and just had to go have a beer. Well, the 24-Hour Church was closed anyhow (it turned out that it was 24 hours a month, not 24 hours a day when it is supposed to be opened), but he was going to pass up on Elvis for a beer!  Oy!

Randy said that the beer was good, but not awesome. Since I don't drink, I can't give a personal opinion. However, I have the same opinion about the food - good but not awesome. The presentation was spectacular though, but the portions were small. I tend to like big portions. Despite my small size, I tend to eat much more than Randy. The location was within walking distance to the Maritime Hall, so very likely we will be back again.

Shrimp Pasta