Randy's Busy Sunday
February 18th, 2001
@ San Francisco, CA
All Photos © 2001 Randy Vogel
Leading the way!
Entrance to the Palace of the Legion of Honor
Palace Courtyard with Pyramid Skylight
 Avedis Chamber Ensemble

Despite the rainy weather, I had a full schedule planned for today, beginning with a recital by the Avedis Chamber Ensemble in the Florence Gould Theatre at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. Traffic had me running a little late, but I lucked out with a good parking place and ran in to the show with about five minutes to spare...just enough time to snag my favorite seat in the front row! For this show, the ensemble makeup varied from a flute-harp duo to the quintet pictured. 

After the show, I took a few pictures of the painted ceiling inside the theatre, then walked upstairs one flight to visit the current 'special' exhibit, Flowers, a single room with a dozen-odd works on that theme. The relevant photos at left depict my favorites.

I noticed the large Stela for the first time on my way out upstairs (the Theatre is two stories below ground level). This intricately carved stone is about five feet tall, and dates to 761 AD. It depicts a female ruler in elaborate costume.

I stopped for a few other pictures on my way back to the car, then drove over to visit my Grandma, Madeleine Read, in her room at Eden Villa atop Masonic Hill at Geary. We talked for an hour or so, and then it was time for me to go wait in line at the Maritime ... good thing for me that the weather had cleared!

 Final Bows
 Theatre Ceiling - Right Front
  Theatre Ceiling - Left Front
  Theatre Ceiling - Rear
Roman Statue of Hermes
Self-Portrait in Black Glass
Rauchenberg: Lilies
Warhol: Flowers
Mayan Stela
Front Passageway
View from the Passageway
Monument to Chinese Immigrants
G.G.Bridge view from the Monument
Grandma Read
Randy & Grandma

And Then I Was Off To See Phil!